Fungi - the coolest of cool superfoods

Medicinals mushrooms are what I'm obsessed with in the present moment. :D There are so many fascinating things to learn about mushrooms that I don't even know where to start.

My favourite thing to do with medicinal mushrooms is to mix them into elixirs with other lovely ingredients like coconut oil, cacao, and natural sweeteners. If you think I'm crazy, I'm not surprised. I know their are lots of mushroom-haters out there!! In the past, when I've asked people their thoughts about drinking mushrooms, they typically look at me as if I've asked them their thoughts on drinking swamp water.

Assuming you're one of those people who thinks I'm crazy to suggest you should incorporate medicinal mushrooms into your daily life... lemme try to convert you.

Chaga, reishi, cordyceps, and lion's mane are 4 of my fave medicinal mushrooms! All of these mushrooms boast their own very unique benefits (which is part of why I think they're so cool!):

Chaga - also known as the ‘king of mushrooms’ and ‘black gold’

-antiviral compounds (great daily support against pathogens)

-is extremely anti-inflammatory

-source of melanin (support for eyes, nails, skin, hair)

-grows on birch trees

-is one of the greatest sources of antioxidants in nature

GOOD FOR: bulletproof immunity

Reishi - also known as the ‘queen of mushrooms’

-promotes liver detoxification

-is the most researched mushroom

-grounding effect

GOOD FOR: calm body & mind, relaxation, deeper sleep

Cordyceps - an adaptogen

-has been shown to increase oxygen uptake (V02 max), making it a good mushroom for athletes

-helps us maintain constant energy levels (activates our cells’ production of energy)

-aids recovery of the nervous system, also good for athletes

GOOD FOR: energy boost & recovery (for working out or just having a more energetic day)

Lion’s Mane - all natural nootropic (cognitive enhancer) without negative side effects

-has been shown to improve memory, concentration, and creativity

-contains Nerve Growth Factors which have the ability to regenerate and protect brain tissue

GOOD FOR: brain power

Quick Recap: you'll want to have your chaga for an immune boost, your reishi for a zen effect, your cordyceps for an extra energy boost, and your lion's mane on those days when you've got a little brain fog!

*If I've convinced you that mushrooms really are incredibly cool and you are wondering where you should give 'em a try, stop in at Sprout in the near future. We'll be carrying a selection of mushroom-containing beverages.

And trust me, mushrooms in liquid-form taste better than any of you mushroom-haters are probably assuming, and even better when they are mixed into an elixir like the one's that'll be on the menu at Sprout!

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